Registration terms 2018:

Registration is open from 01/01/2018 to 28/04/2018, or until the maximum number of participants is reached.
The maximum numbers of participants are as follows: 
39K race - 150 runners; 71K race - 150 runners; 110K race - 100 runners; There is no limits for the 18 K race.

By submitting the registration for the race, you agree to fully adhere to these Race regulations.

Entry fee, in russian rubles ₽ (USD ($) / EUR (€) indicated approximately)
  18K 39K 71K 110K

   2.000₽ / 37$ /29€ 4.000₽ / 74$ / 57€ 5.500₽ / 100$ / 79€ 7.200₽ / 130$ / 103€

The amount will be charged to your credit card in your currency, your bank will apply it`s exchange rate for conversion of your currency in russian rubles. 

- 10% - to all participants of Altai Ultra-Trail 2017 or2016
- 30% - to participants of age 60+ 
- 50% - to winners of Altai Ultra-Trail 2016 or 2017
Additional options:
- Insurance: mandatory. Please select "30/06" if you run 39K of 71K race, "01/07" if you run 18K race and both dates if you run 110K race. 
- Transfer (shuttle service): Shuttle buses will be organized from Novosibirsk to the starting point of the race (on 27/06 evening and on 28/06 evening) and back (on 01/07 afternoon). If you`re interested, please point this option and fill in the application form on the left. The cost is 2600 rubles (~ 47$) one way. Estimated travel time 15-16 hours approx. Other options available upon request. For additional requests, please contact us by e-mail: olga@altai-trail.ru 

- Fun children race: the race will start at 10am July 01, race distance 1 km/2 km/3 km, for children from 4 yo to 14 yo. Registration fee (net cost): 250 rubles (=$5)

- Meals: offered by the Organizers. Anyway, there are several cafe/taverns in the race area.

In case of refusal to participate in the competition before 01.04.2018, 80% of the registration fee can be returned upon written request to the email of the organizers. In case of refusal between 01.04.2017 and 03.06.2017, 50% of the registration fee can be returned. After June 03, 2018 the registration fee is not refundable.

In case a route change to a longer distance is requested, the participant will pay the difference in the entry fee on the date of changing the distance. A route change to a shorter distance is also possible, but the difference of the entry fee will be returned at the same percent rate as when the application is canceled.

The Organizers provide:

Preparation and marking of the routes
Transfer of participants to the starting point of the 71K and 39K races
Electronic time-keeping system (start/finish and checkpoints), timely publication of the results in the starting area and on the race website
Races certification by ITRA and UTMB
Food along the routes (Refreshment stations) and at the finish line
Medals for all finishers
Souvenirs from the Organizers (bandana or T-shirt) and sponsors
Awards and prizes for the winners
Starting number bib, a set of pins for fixing the numbers
Map of the route (for 71K, 110K races)
Hot meal after the finish
Russian sauna after the finish

Any other transportation and accommodation costs are not included in the entry fee, as well as food beyond the race time and other extra services.

An official invitation is required to obtain Russian visa. You should apply for the visa in Russian visa authority in country of your residence. There are agencies which can represent you in Russian visa authority to help to obtain Russian visa. The Altai Ultra-Trail® 
Becides, foreign participants need to request a permit from the Border Guard Service (permit cost 1000-1500rubles (~20$) is not included in the entry fee). 
Organizers are ready to assist participants and accompanying persons with invitation for entry visa to Russia and with permit from the Border Guard Service as well. Please contact our staff: olga@altai-trail.ru 

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