The map shows the starting point of the race, as well as hostels, base camps, and shops.
The map is interactive (you can zoom in by clicking the pop-up description of the object).
There are several hostels and base camps near the starting point of the race.
We recommend the base camp "Vysotnik"as the closest to the starting point, for all foreign participants. The camp staff speak English and have a lot of experience serving foreign tourists.
There are the following accommodation options: 
 - Hotel (inn)
- Cottage (shelter with limited facilities)
- Camping
There is a cafe on the premises  as well as many additional services such as various tours with English-speaking guides.
For more information visit the web-site: 
Please contact them on contacts you`ll find on their internet site.
The Organizers are not affiliated with this camp. You're free to choose any other hostel or base camp.

Foreign participants must obtain a visa to visit Russia. Besides, since the race is held in the State border area, it is also necessary to get a permit from the Border Guard Service. After making a reservation you will be helped with these formalities as well.

Base camps

"Skazka" guest house
Guest house in Zamulta village (1km from Multa village, 8km from the start area). 2 twin rooms, 2 twin rooms with extra bed.
"Kovcheg" hotel
Situated in Ust`-Koksa, 35 km from the start area (= 30 min by car). Comfortable modern hotel.
"Altair" hotel
Cottage in Ust-Koksa (35 km from the start).
3 twins


We would like to emphasize  that the number of places available in the tourist centers is limited, as the race is held at the peak of the tourist season, and tourists are already actively making reservations. Therefore, the sooner you book, the better your chances of comfortable accommodation are.

For additional info or requests, please contact us by e-mail: 

There are cafe/taverns in Multa and Zamulta villages.
It will be possible to have meals at the Race centre also.
There are shops in Multa village, all with limited assortment of food and daily necessities.
mobile connection and internet
mobile connection and internet
Mobile connection (voice and SMS) is not good at the Race centre, only BeeLine operator. Internet - rather good (satellite). Some hotels in Multa and Zamulta villages provide you with wi-fi. Also, mobile connection is good there.
We ask you to leave your cars on parkings of hostels/base camps, it`s more safe.