Race regulations


1. Time and place:

The race will be held on June 26-28, 2020 in Ust-Koksinsky district of the Altai Republic, the starting and finishing point being near the Multa village. The opening ceremony starts at 5 p.m. on June 26, the closing and awards ceremony is at 12 p.m. on June 28.

2. Getting to the starting point:

the closest towns/cities are:

Gorno-Altaisk: 450 km/7-8 h. by car. Airport, flights from Moscow, Kazan, Ufa, Ekaterinburg, Krasnoyarsk, Tyumen, Novosibirsk.

Barnaul: 700 km/10-12 h. by car. Airport (flights from Moscow, Saint Petersburg, Krasnoyarsk), railway station.

Novosibirsk: 900 km/12-14 h. by car. International airport, 14 flights a day from Moscow, railway station.

After the registration please sen an e-mail to info@altai-trail.ru in case you need a lift from a particular city (Barnaul, Biysk. Gorno-Altaisk). A shuttle bus from Novosibirsk will be arranged in any case.

3. Organizers of the event:

The preparation and supervising of the event is held by the the Organizing Committee.

Race director: Pavel Rozanov (Novosibirsk).

4. Basic information about the race:

There are four choices of distance: AUT24: 24 km (elevation gain 1350 m+), AUT47: 40 km (2200m+), AUT81: 81 km (3450m+), and AUT128: 128 km (5550 m+), all traversing mountainous terrain. All the races are for individuals. Each runner must carry all the mandatory equipment and food throughout the entire race. There will be some Refreshment & Food stations / Check points along the route.

Competitions are individual (classifications are separate for men and women).

Time limit for the AUT24 race is 6hrs, for the AUT47 race - 12 hrs, for the AUT81 race - 22 hrs, for the AUT128 race — 36  hrs.

The AUT47, AUT81 and AUT128 distances are certified by ITRA and UTMB, and awarded as follows:

- AUT47 race: 2 points;
- AUT81 race: 4 points;
- AUT128 race: 5 points;

5. Runners are required:

By the date of the start of the race to be:

-16 y.o. or older – for the AUT24 race:
-18 y.o. or older – for the AUT47 and AUT81 races.
- 21 y.o or older (but not older than 70 y.o.) – for the AUT128 race:
Minor runners are allowed for the AUT24 race under the supervision and at the responsibility of a parent or a guardian.

We suggest that only well trained athletes participate. Each runner is responsible for his or her own health. Very good physical condition and extensive experience in trail running are essential for tackling the AUT128 race, please fill in the corresponding field while registering for the race.

By submitting their registration to the race, participants release the organizers from any financial, civil, or criminal liability related to injuries or material damage incurred during the race.

The race is held in a remote mountainous area and is therefore inherently potentially unsafe.

The following is the List of Mandatory Equipment each runner must carry throughout the entire race

Mandatory Equipment AUT47 
Trail running shoes suitable for mountain terrain v v v
Wind- and Waterproof jacket with hood and sealed seams v v v
Long sleeve running shirt or a T-shirt + sleeves   v v
A pair of long running tights / trousers, or 3/4 tights with gaiters v v v
Windproof trousers     v

Fleece jacket


Fleece jacket (weight min.200g)

Water bottles or other liquid containers, volume: 0,5l 1l 1l

Race number bib, rubber band and safety pins (will be provided by the Organizers), race number bib should be visible throughout all the distance

v v v
Rescue blanket (min. size 140*200 cm) v v


Headgear v v
Gloves   v v
Whistle v v
Compass   v v
Map of the race (will be provided by the Organizers)   v v
Lighter / matches in waterproof package   v v
First aid kit *   v v
Reserve food supply  min.300 Kcal min.800 Kcal min.1400 Kcal

Personal cup** v v

Waterproof headlamp equipped with batteries with at least 12 hours charge at continuous use    v v
Reserve waterproof headlamp     v
GPS gear***      v  v v
List of recommended equipment AUT47 
Sunglasses **** v v v
Trail-running gaiters v v
A pair of trekking poles v v v

Cap     v
Cream for blisters   v v
Warm vest, jacket (possible temperature drops: from -10 C with wind at night to +25 C during daytime)    v v

Extra socks



Windproof trousers


Wind- and waterproof trousers with sealed seams



Also, you must carry your passport throughout the entire race because the race is held in the border area.

* First aid kit containing: medical elastic band 10 * 100 cm, sterile bandages, adhesive bandage 2*100 cm, hydrogen peroxide, painkillers

** Personal cup for  for drinking at the refreshment zones. Using a personal cup is a great way to keep Altai environment clean. 

*** GPS gear suitable for loading tracks and track points. GPS must be preloaded with race track and track points for refreshment zones, bridges and check-points (provided by the Organizers). GPS should be equipped with spare batteries for continuous working (for the AUT128 distance).

Participants must be able to demonstrate mandatory equipment on organizers’ demand at any time during the race. In case an item is missing participants may be subject to a time penalty (1 hour per 1 item missing).

The Mandatory Equipment for AUT24 runners is a race number bib, a water container (vol.0,5 l min.) and a passport.

6. Features of the routes, refreshment zones

> AUT24 race:
Map of the route

> AUT47 race:
Map of the route

> AUT81 race:
Map of the race

> AUT128 race:
Map of the route

There is an intermediate time limit on the route:
In order to continue on to the Detski pass participants have to leave the refreshment zone on the Krepkoye lake (the 70th km of the route) by 17:00 on June 27th. All those who are late but able to leave the refreshment zone in a period from 17:00 to 19:00 will not be allowed to go up to the pass, and will be considered disqualified from the main route . But they can finish the distance using the reserve distance and be in the finish list of the runners. In case of using reserve distance 8 extra hours will be added to the finish time. Those who are not able to leave the refreshment zone by 19:00 will be considered disqualified completely and have to go to finish together with race volunteers.


The AUT24 and AUT47 routes will be marked with tape along the entire route. The AUT81 and AUT128 routes will be marked in places of ambiguous directions. Participants will be given a map with the race route. In addition, runners will be provided with the track and the key points for uploading to the GPS. Organizers will do their best to mark ALL the routes scrupulously in order to facilitate runners wayfinding and therefore to increase their average speed. However, any claims of the lack of marking will not be accepted. In case you are unsure about the way, it is recommended to refer to the GPS track.

Any supporting from another people (not volunteers or organizers) is not allowed and leads to penalty or even disqualification.

It is possible to drink water directly from springs and creeks throughout most of the route. However, we strongly recommend to fill your drinking bottles at every opportunity.

All the runners of all the races will get their hot meal at the finish (in the starting area).

7. Schedule of the Event:

June 26, Friday

- 10.00: Registration for the AUT47, AUT81 and AUT128 races, race packet distribution. Opening of the EXPO.
- 15.30 - 17.00: mandatory equipment check -  AUT128
- 17.00 Opening ceremony. Briefing for participants of the AUT128 race.
- 17.30 - 19.00: mandatory equipment check -  AUT81
- 19.00: Briefing for participants of the AUT81 race.
- 19.30: Briefing for participants of the AUT47 race.

June 27, Saturday

- 00.00: Start of the AUT128 race
- 02.00: Start of the AUT70 race
- 06.00: Start of the AUT47 race
- 10.00 – 17.00: Registration for the AUT24 race, race packet distribution
- 17.00: Briefing for participants of the AUT24 race
- 17.30: Presenting awards to the winners and runners-up of AUT47 race
- 18.00: Time limit for the AUT47 race
- 24.00: Time limit for the AUT81 race

June 28, Sunday

- 05.00: Departure to the AUT24 starting point
- 06.00: Start of the AUT24 race
- 10.00: Start of the Fun children race
- 12.00: Time limit for the AUT24 and AUT128 races
- 12.00: Summing up. Presenting awards to the winners and runners-up of AUT24, AUT81 and AUT128 distances. Closing ceremony.
- 13.00: Departure of buses (shuttle bus service provided by the Organizers)

In case of bad weather conditions Organizers may change the starting time and/or time limits, and modify the routes. This will be announced at the briefing.

8. Selecting the winners.

All those who finish the race will receive a Finisher medal.

The first three runners to finish each distance in both categories (men and women)  will be awarded with diplomas and valuable prizes, as well as with gifts from sponsors.

Also the winners (1-3 places) in the age groups (men and women)  will be awarded with diplomas and medals.

Age groups:

- Under 29 years old

- 30-39 y.o.

- 40-49 y.o.

- 50-59 y.o.

- 60+ y.o.

9. Financing.

This competition is organized thanks to the starting fees of the participants, as well as at the expense of the Organizers and the sponsors.

The Organizers provide:

Any other transportation and accommodation costs are not included in the entry fee, as well as food beyond the race time and other extra services.

10. Registration.

Registration is open at www.altai-trail.com from 20/09/2019 to 26/04/2020, or until the maximum number of participants is reached.
The maximum numbers of participants are as follows: 
AUT24 race - 200 runners; AUT47 race - 200 runners; AUT81 race - 150 runners; AUT128 race - 100 runners.

By submitting the registration for the race, you agree to fully adhere to these Race regulations.

Entry fee, in russian rubles ₽ (USD ($) rate: 1$=~66₽, EUR (€) rate: 1€=~76₽ ):

  AUT24   AUT47     AUT81     AUT128  
    first 75 participants AUT47, AUT81, AUT24 and 50 of AUT128 
2.000  3.500  4.500  6.500 
    participants 76-125 of AUT47, AUT81, AUT24 and 51-85 of AUT128
2.750 4.500 5.500 7.500
    participants 126+ of AUT47, AUT81, AUT24 and 86+ of AUT128
3.500 5.500 6.500 8.500

The amount will be charged to your credit card in your currency, your bank will apply it`s exchange rate for conversion of your currency in russian rubles. 


- 10% - to all participants of Altai Ultra-Trail 2019 (promo code 2019)
- 30% - to participants of age 60+ (promo code MERIT)

Participants who have high ITRA Performance index get the following discounts:
from PI 700 to PI 749 – 50%, from PI 750 and on – 100%
Women: |
from PI 600 to PI 649 – 50%, from PI 650 and on – 100%.

In order to get a discount please send a link to your ITRA profile to our e-mail:  registration@altai-trail.ru 

In case of refusal to participate in the competition before 01.01.2020, 80% of the registration fee can be returned upon written request to the email of the organizers. In case of refusal before 01.04.2020, 65% of the registration fee can be returned. After June 01, 2020 the registration fee is not refundable.

In case a route change to a longer distance is requested, the participant will pay the difference in the entry fee on the date of changing the distance. A route change to a shorter distance is also possible, but the difference of the entry fee will be returned at the same percent rate as when the application is canceled.


There are various recreational camps and hotels near the competition center. You will find more information in a separate section of the ALTAI ULTRA-TRAIL website. Please note that the number of places available in the tourist centers is limited, as the race is held at the peak tourist season, and tourists are already actively making reservations. Therefore, the faster you book, the better your chances of comfortable accommodation are.

12. Environmental protection.

The race Altai Ultra-Trail takes place on the territory of the Belukha Nature Park, which is in the UNESCO World Heritage List.


For participants: info@altai-trail.ru Tel .: +7-913-006-15-26; (Pavel Rozanov)